Sony Bravia W4000 decodes AV-CHD

Sony Bravia W4000

I was reading about the brand new Bravia W4000 when I saw this:

The Series also supports the extended xvYCC colour space for moving images that Sony says set to replace sRGB as the industry standard has an integrated HDTV tuner and AVC-HD decoder alongside the DVB-T digital tuner.

So not only does it support xvYCC, which I think you need for HDMI 1.3a,
but you can plug in flash memory from your fancy new AV-CHD HD camcorder and play it back!

At least, that’s what I am assuming this means..

The small model cost around $1,300 for the small one I think.

HD odds and ends..

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The first two posts concern HDMI 1.3, which ups the ante from 8-bit to 16-bit colour (!), as well as uncompressed, 3 Mbps audio.

The last post posits that Blu-ray and HD-DVD are tied in the race to consumers, who seem not to care very much about the whole thing.
It is my sincere hope that Blu-ray vs HD-DVD will become just as meaningless and wasteful as the DVD-R vs DVD+R debate was a few years ago.
Who even looks to see if they are buying -R versus +R these days?
I sure don’t.
Actually, all I look for is “DL”.

Update @ 2006-12-22 10:18:
Found these on Slashdot — very interesting!

HD-DVD movies sorted by picture quality
Blu-ray movies sorted by picture quality