mininova introduces “user icons” to help prevent spam

Today’s mininova results have a new graphical element in them:

mininova screenshot
mininova screenshot showing new user icons (click for larger image)

These icons allow users to quickly discern when a torrent that claims to be from a well-known group (e.g. eztv) is not actually from that group.
These “spam torrents” can appear when new shows come out or are anticipated to come out, and clog up the internet with useless data, wasting both ISP bandwidth and everyone’s time.

Rogers 3G Internet USB Dongle

My Mom lives on Wolfe Island.
She has no access to DSL (her phone lines are low quality) or cable.
Until recently, we had been considering getting her Rogers’ WiMax solution, which would have given her ~2Mbps for about $50/month.

When we called to order it over the weekend, however, the sales agent told us about the USB thingee internet solution.
I’d seen ads, and assumed it was simply WiMax on a USB dongle, which would be inappropriate for my Mom, since the inside-antenna WiMax solution wouldn’t work for her (poor signal).
We were going to go for the higher-startup-cost, outdoor antenna solution.

But no, as it turns out this USB thingee uses the 3G network for internet.
This is good news since I noticed that my iPhone was getting 5 bars at my Mom’s place.

It turns out the USB dongle has a SIM card in it.
So if I one could get their hands on a USB dongle, it might be possible to move an iPhone SIM into it and plug it in to the USB port on a laptop for unfettered internet with a 6 GB/month cap!

Update: apparently Rogers is calling it the Rocket.

WWDC 2008


It’s WWDC-keynote-day!
I’ll be adding to this post over the day.

Rumour: Mac Fusion

has some murky screenshots of an ad for a new Mac, the “Mac Fusion”, appreantly targetted at developers.

mac fusion

Sort of a super-Mac-Mini?

“Live” Web Sites

Here’s a list of web sites that will be tracking the WWDC keynote.

Let me know of any others.

Woah, live video feed from a phone!
Pretty impressive.
There is also a full-screen version of Viru.
Very cool!

So we have:

8 GB $200
16 GB $400

There will be a white model available, apparently.

Okay, so overall, this was a really long and boring keynote.
Nothing we didn’t already know for the first 70-80 minutes.

Finally the 3G iPhone is rolled out, and all it seems to be missing is video.

Trying out “Disqus” for comments


Let me know what you think of the new comment system.
I’ve installed if for all zero-comment posts (which includes all new posts), so old posts with comments still have the old WordPress commenting system.

This may involve you having to create a Disqus account, but the idea is that you can use that account across blogs.
I am also setting up Disqus on
my blog
so you only have to create your account once for both places.

Leo Laporte has also set up his blog to use it.
Maybe it will spread everywhere.

The idea is that your comments belong to you, and Disqus makes it easier to follow people, as opposed to blogs.

twhirl – twitter client


Ran across
today because
bought them, and my good friend
is a Seesmic dev.
(Hi Bear!)

It’s an
Adobe Air
app, which is both good and bad (Air is not open, but there are Linux and Mac versions),
and seems to be the Twitter-client-du-jour.

I always do twitter-via-IM, so I’m not sure what benefits this would bring me.
Perhaps Twitter IMs are a bit too interrupting, although I’ve mitigated that somewhat by setting a custom sound for twitters, by which I know I don’t have to pay attention to the IM window that has popped up.

What do other people use to Twitter? IM? Twitter-specific clients?
If I was all blog-centric, I would put up a poll, but all I have are the comments below, so please add one!

HD Beat

Found a not-bad HD site.
HD Beat
seems to be an HD news site, which also has a podcast.

I haven’t listened (watched?) the podcast yet, so I can’t tell you if it’s any good.
Feel free to leave a comment saying if it’s good/bad.

The RSS feed for HDBeat is an excellent full-text feed with images.
Highly recommended.

Hm, all the weblogs blogs I’ve seen so far have these hi-fidelity feeds.
Must be a (very good) corporate policy.

Google Checkoutâ„¢: US Only

Google Checkout

Google now has a competitor to PayPal: Google Checkout.

Unfortunately, it’s only available to people in the US.
This can be deduced from the signup form where you enter your credit card #, address and country, but the country is static text that says “United States”.

Well, maybe I’ll be able to use it around the same time I can actually purchase TV shows from the iTunes Music Store, another US-only experience.

Primus offers 22 Mbps ADSL2+ service in Canada

Check out
the press release.
It’s very marketing-heavy, and they keep mentioning “a Canadian CLEC” without naming them!

Basically, by the end of June, the 22 Mbps service will be accessible to 3 million Canadians.
They will be setting up a beta group to use it at the same rate they’re already paying for normal DSL.

Since there is no specific new product, I assume they are doing technical trials and don’t have a marketing “package” for this service yet.

Just once I’d like to see a clear press release that says something like: “Now offering 22 Mbps service for $50/month, $4/month for static IP, $100 for new modem, $10/month for additional IP addresses, $5/month for no traffic shaping or protocol prioritization”.
You know, something useful.