AMD 64

AMD just added another 10% to the Athlon 64. A 3800+ now exists:
I don’t like spending a lot of money on upgrades, so I don’t personally recommend the high-end chips. I’m a $200 chip kind of a guy.

I really like the SONY Vaio notebook as well:

…but I’m waiting for the AMD Athlon Mobile 64 to get incorporated into more laptops:
I wonder why it’s taking them so long to make a notebook with a DVI port like Apple has.

Also, if you want to keep a low-profile with a camera, here’s a great one, the SONY DSCT1:

Do look at Canon products too, though:

FYI, most of my equipment is Nikon. I don’t like the fact that SONY uses “memory sticks”, but that wouldn’t stop me from giving serious consideration to the DSCT1. It’s hard to keep a low profile with a Nikon camera. Fortunately, in Canada you don’t need to.

–Jeff K.