Tokyo Drift

A rotten tomatoes rating of 5/10. Learn some Japanese, lose the liberalism and get ready for some pounding J-pop, screeching tires and short skirts. Wahoo. Plot spoiler: They plunked a big-honkin’ Nissan engine into a Mustang. Hm, was there something else in the plot? I guess I’ve forgotten. Incidentally at the moment, I drive a car with a 345hp Nissan engine with an electronically variable cam, DVC off-switch and the Tokyo Drift soundtrack in the CD tray …but it’s missing the Japanese version of the Carpenter’s “Top of the World” that played in the movie. Speaking of which, I also have “Audio Slave’s” “Doesn’t Remind Me” in there, with the lyric “I walk the streets of Japan ’till I get lost, because it doesn’t remind me of anything”. At least the physics was a lot better than F&F2.

This is the correct review of the movie: LA Times

For the fashion-conservatives among you, the Sanja Milkovic Hays-designed miniskirts deserve special attention from the censorship board. But it’s not exactly Clockwork Orange, I guess.

Did I mention I hated Lost In Translation recently?

Sony alpha DSLR

July 6th is the launch of the 10 megapixel Sony alpha DSLR born of the Konica/Minolta purchase. It supports their lens mount. The 70-200mm lens seems awfully expensive. That is to say, what I did with a Nikon D200 and an old 70-200 at the ISU figure skating championships for $2.2k will run you $4.4k with new alpha equipment. See Sony Style

Roger’s Explorer 8300 HD PVR

I upgraded to this unit. The local cable company does not support the HDMI connector, but based on reports that it worked for some people’s TVs, I tried it. It works okay for me using a $100 HDMI to DVI cable to the back of my SONY Grand Wega. The image contrast seems to have improved slightly over component video. The main issues other people have had with HDMI have been unsynchronized audio, I was told. I have also read that even though Roger’s employees are discouraging it, external SATA-300 drives can be plugged into the back. I want to buy a 400Gig SATA-300 tomorrow and try it. This would be about 100 hours of HD programming that could be stored. I have read elsewhere on the net that people have been successful with this. I still expect better technology in this area shortly, so “rental” is the key word here.

IPTV & WiMax

Cisco comments on IPTV: It was another hot day on the markets in generel. The buzz on the news-feeds for the stocks in my imaginary portfolio at Yahoo-finance-portfolios seemed to be in the race to get broadband IPTV equipment to market. Nortel (NT.TO) seems to be promoting its efforts — are they on time? The news article calls the area “hotly contested” amoung Alcatel, Cisco/SFA, etc. Personally I’m not as excited since this technology should be delivered to the PC, right? I suppose there must be something behind the scenes in the routers to cut down on the bandwidth usage?

Roger’s video direct (.ca)

This seems to be’s system, but it was advertised to me here on techtok through a google ad a few days ago, so I tried it out. The first 2 DVDs arrived today. I was busy catching up on the Olympics (Hurrah for Shizuka Arakawa! She got the gold for Japan in the lady’s figure skating. When I found out, I went and ran through the PVR recording of today’s stuff. Ack, I was rooting for Miki Ando (JPN), but she totally cracked — it was hard to watch.) so I haven’t watched the DVDs yet. Well so anyway, the first movie I received in the mail was “Blackboard Jungle”, a classic movie of some sort which pops up in a DVD quiz game I like to play, so I thought I’d better watch it. The service is good for things you might want to get caught up on. It has (somewhat erroneous) lists of Film Festival movies, for example, and I also lined up “To have and have not” (Bogart) to be sent to me automatically when I mail back the 2 movies I have right now (also popping up in the movie quiz game we play here).

Another bonus is that the local Roger’s doesn’t rent Mystery Science Theater 3000, but ( does rent them out one disk at a time. This is good because I’m a newbie with MSTK3000 and don’t know if it’s to my tastes. I also lined up several Toronto Film festival movies and since its a new service, I was sure to skew their ratings system for “The Island” 2005 along with a review of it.

From a financial markets perspective, I think the future is there for Amazon or Google or Cisco to grab hold of a bunch of dark fiber and start shipping the old movies at full resolution (as opposed to Yahoo!’s lo-res thing which has been around for about 3 years now(?)). In the mean time’s blu-ray or hd-dvd snail-mail will have to do.

Bush talks about hybrids

U.S. alternate energy goals

I was puzzling over why one of my fuel-cell stocks went up 10% yesterday. I consider those kinds of stocks super-high-risk, so I barely made enough for a night on the town. Actually, there’s been a 6-10% decline in several Japanese-stock mutual funds in the last few days, so I think we’re talking red-numbers here.

Hey, I think I’ll change the +ve numbers on my stock portfolio to blue-numbers. heh. Stocks to watch today: (for news!! Don’t buy any on my account! (or Bush’s for that matter))
— say if anyone knows the real situation at BLD.TO, who was controlled by
& F, and sold their euro-ops to DCX, I believe, send me an email at — Some folks lost a lot of money on BLD.TO as well as F more recently.

And by the way, TM is going to have a Camry in this years NASCAR series, with one in last Sunday’s Daytona 500 Nascar race. Maybe I should get Nascar’s in-car package this year. I sure hope I can find HD converage.

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Clonus vs. “The Island”

Okay, I’m a glutton for punishment. I went out and bought “Clonus (1979)” — rated 3.5/10 on IMDB and a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 victim, so I could compare it to “The Island (2005)”. It is true that some ideas have been taken from Clonus, however Clonus is barely a high-school film-class project. There is a crucial difference in the treatment of the clones, among many other things. “The Island (2005)” is a satirical movie with cloned pieces from many other movies. Clonus is nothing. I fell asleep during it. I will complete my suffering tonight.

The Censors of the Island were busy at the Superbowl last night…

…cutting “Rough Justice” and another song, but not “Satisfaction”. Like sh-t the Stones aren’t f—ing “Green Day”.

This is like cutting the “Is it hard?” line from the G-rated movie (Quebec/NS) “The Pink Panther Strikes Again(1976)” [PG-Ontario]. Oh ya, and “Corpse Bride” is Quebec-G and Ontario-PG, “The Island” is Quebec-G and Ontario PG. Frickin’ children’s movies… :)

“Watch your proximity!” (Censor in “The Island”).