CES 2014

An $1,100 walkman? Seriously? (TheVerge). This is the router I want. Full speed for my iPhone 6 Plus! (TheVerge). Quantum dots are a way to make the colour gamut of LED TVs almost as good as OLED TVs. But not quite. (TheVerge) Now you can let your car park itself in a parking garage, and summon it when you’re ready to go. It’s like having valet service. (TheVerge) Autonomous cars are trending I think. (CNet). “Works with NEST” is a thing. (CNet) Mercedes has a concept autonomous car. (PCMag) AT&T shows prototype of tech that [Apple released last year][8] – phone calls routed to your laptop/desktop machine. ([PCMag][9]) Now you can have an app for your WiFi-enabled kettle. ([PCMag][9])

[8]: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/apple-allows-you-make-phone-calls-your-laptop-1450954