Rogers & bandwidth

A quick note about Rogers bandwidth restrictions. Here’s what you get:

Rogers bandwidth rates as of January 2010
kbps down kbps up GB cap effective
cap as % of
Ultra-Lite 500 256 2 6.1 1.22%
Lite 3000 256 25 76 2.53%
Express 10000 512 60 182.4 1.82%
Extreme 10000 1000 95 288.8 2.89%
Extreme Plus 25000 1000 125 380 1.52%
Ultimate 50000 2000 175 558.4 1.12%

Now if you’re using Tek Savvy, and use their unlimited package, you don’t quite get 100% in that last column, but you get a damned site more than you do with Rogers or Bell and their hellish bandwidth caps.

They say you get what you pay for. With Bell & Rogers you get a whole lot less than you do with other providers..

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