Water on Mars

disappearing ice in scooped Mars trench
disappearing white stuff must be ice that is
sublimating. Click for much larger picture.


We have ice on Mars.

And it wasn’t the fancy ovens that found it.
It was the lowly (but expensive, I’m sure) shovel that did the job.

took three scoops of Martian dirt to analyze, and then a few days later looked back where it had scooped.

Some of the dirt was gone.

Originally, the team allowed that the white stuff seen in the digging trench might be salt or some other white mineral.
But the best explanation for the disappearing white stuff is.. sublimation, which means water.

Well, small creatures that don’t leave tracks could have scurried in, grabbed some chunks and zapped a shrinking ray at still-buried chunks.
But Occam’s Razor is pretty harsh on that kind of thinking.

Now, hasn’t ice been found in comets before? Or is this the first, confirmed, off-planet ice?

iPhone 3G: Meets Expectations

iPhone 3G
click for bigger

So we got the iPhone.
Here at last.

Why was I disappointed?
Mostly, no video.

Certainly at least the same video streaming capability we’ve seen in the Nokia N95
(Qik.com, anyone?),
but hopefully also streaming video *in* as well.
Was iChat A/V too much to ask?

What remains to be seen is how much Rogers is going to charge.
Luisa told me this morning she heard on the radio that it would be $80!
AT&T in the ‘States is charging $30.

WWDC 2008


It’s WWDC-keynote-day!
I’ll be adding to this post over the day.

Rumour: Mac Fusion

has some murky screenshots of an ad for a new Mac, the “Mac Fusion”, appreantly targetted at developers.

mac fusion

Sort of a super-Mac-Mini?

“Live” Web Sites

Here’s a list of web sites that will be tracking the WWDC keynote.

Let me know of any others.

Woah, live video feed from a phone!
Pretty impressive.
There is also a full-screen version of Viru.
Very cool!

So we have:

8 GB $200
16 GB $400

There will be a white model available, apparently.

Okay, so overall, this was a really long and boring keynote.
Nothing we didn’t already know for the first 70-80 minutes.

Finally the 3G iPhone is rolled out, and all it seems to be missing is video.