4 thoughts on “HD-DVD is toast!”

  1. It’s official now!
    Thank goodness the production companies made the decision that tipped the scales in Blu-ray’s direction. Now the rest of the world can get on with the HD revolution.

    The people I feel the most sorry for are those who saw the lower priced HDTV players in stores over the past few weeks and invested in them without knowing the whole story.

    I currently have a Blu-ray player just through my PS3, but it really makes a world of difference when I watch movies I’m able to get my hands on.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly the Bluray camp are able to get their prices down to a level where they can put a player in everyone’s home.

  2. The HD-DVD fire-sales have begun. Starstruck is unloading certain titles cheap. Every week there should be more titles out cheap. I picked up “Next” for $15 yesterday.

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