Panic, the creators of “Transmit” and “Audion”, have released
a new web development IDE.
It has a slightly steep price at $US 79.

They’ve licensed
the SubEthaEngine
the Coding Monkeys,
so multiple people can collaborate easily on a web site.
I think this was an excellent idea.
Small developers should be helping each other out like this more often.

The IDE includes a terminal you can put into pane in the IDE.
It knows how to ssh to sites and upload all your files.
It looks pretty nice!

US $300 Blu-Ray Drive

it’s only in China
for now, but still: US $300 for a Blu-Ray drive is pretty good.

Combine this with people figuring out how to install drivers allowing the $300 Xbox HD-DVD player to work on their Windows machines, and it gets even more interesting..

I’m thinking that by the holiday shopping season at the end of 2007, we’ll be seeing a lot more players (and consequently movies) being bought.
I suspect my prediction about rental movies switching to HD will be abeout a year later than I thought. Oh well.

Changing chipsets hurts CPU manufacturer’s bottom line

ASUS A7N8X-E Motherboard
ASUS A7N8X-E Motherboard

I read the below today on my RSS feed

[AMD] is now offering the cheapest desktop 3.0GHz dual core processor (3600+) for US$73. By cutting prices, AMD intend to compete with Intel for desktop CPU

I realized that, if I could buy that CPU and plug it into my existing motherboards, I would be spending 3x$75 today, no problem.
We have 3 machines with AMD Athlon 2400 chips in them that could do with a speed boost.
However, they are all “Socket-A” motherboards, and the current CPUs from AMD won’t work on them;
they require “AM2” sockets on their motherboards.

Not only that, but the new motherboards use a different kind of video card (PCIe) from the ones we have (AGP).
Our RAM (400 MHz DDR1) is also no good. We need Dual-Channel 533 MHz DDR2.

So, to upgrade the CPU I would have to buy:

  • $200 – a new motherboard
  • $200 – new memory
  • $200 – new video card
  • $75 – new CPU

The prices are rough estimates, based on what I usually end up getting.
There are cheaper motherboards, cheaper and more expensive video cards, but that would be the ballpark.

So my $75 upgrade turns into a $675 new machine.
So no, I’m not going to upgrade any time soon.

Let this be a lesson — to AMD, at least.