OCZ Displays FireWire Memory Keys at CeBIT

OCZ Rally 2 Firewire Flash Drives

It seems that the French tech site
broke the story that OCZ has two new flash drives, 32 GB and 64 GB in size.
I guess there are actually *four* drives though, because they are available as FireWire-400 and FireWire-800 devices.
The FireWire-400 device has both 6-pin and 4-pin connectors on opposite ends.

Using a FireWire interface will make them much faster.
Despite USB 2.0’s much-touted speed, it has never lived up to even half of its promised throughput.
The FireWire interface removes the USB bottleneck and allows for much higher performance.

More pictures of these beasties at The VR Zone.

Xbit Labs – comparison of video cards playing back HD content

is a pretty good article, complete with graphs etc, showing the relative performance of a variety of current video cards playing back HD content in a variety of formats (MPEG-2, DivX, XviD, WMV).
I found out that my Radeon X1900 doesn’t do too well when playing back DivX at 1080p, for instance.