The Apple iPhone

So Steve Jobs announced the iPhone just now.
It looks sweet.

It’s a phone.

It’s a 2 Mpx camera

It’s a 4 GB/8 GB flash-based iPod.

It’s some sort of internet appliance thingee.

Built-in speaker
orientation sensitive display
multi-touch UI
160 pixels per inch
3.5″ screen
quad-band GSM + EDGE (whatever that is!)
Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 2.0
conference calling

I particularly like the multi-touch UI.
You can move two fingertips on the screen to manipulate the size of an image.
Spread them further apart and it gets bigger.
Move them together and it gets smaller.

What the heck is “push-email” (“same as Blackberry”??)

Google Maps looks very nice.
The UI is customized – Apple worked with Google on this.

Overall: wow.

All that i find missing is a hard drive.
Flash is nice and good for battery life, but I want the 120 GB version to hold my video!
Ah well.