DarwinPorts is now MacPorts


is the new home for the project-formerly-known-as-DarwinPorts.

I’ve mentioned DarwinPorts here a couple of times before [making the most of “ls”] [Fink and DarwinPorts docs].

I’ve recently had to re-install all my ports because of the move to Intel.
The old ports worked fine most of the time.
But after an uptime of a few days or so, something would break, and I would start getting errors about programs being “the wrong architecture”, even though Rosetta is supposed to handle it all.

Ah well, I might as well get as much Intel stuff as I can so my Mac runs nice and fast.
I’m now happily set up with MacPorts and have installed native versions of subversion and jove.

MacPorts has joined the wave of people dumping CVS and Bugzilla in favour of