New Blu-ray movies!


Oct 18 through Nov 3 is going to see a lot of releases on Blu Ray & HD-DVD.
In fact, a movie that interests me (Naqoyqatsi) is only coming out on HD-DVD.
Ouch! First wound in the format war!
Oh well, Gone in 60 seconds & “Rent” are only on Blu-ray, wahoo!
And besides, even Amazon doesn’t yet list Naqoyqatsi on HD-DVD (but I know where to get it).

There is a SONY style shop at Madison & 55th St. in Manhattan and I got a Blu-Ray discount card there. Something like buy 10, get one free.
I’m almost ready for a free one.
I need to check and see if its valid somewhere close, like Buffalo.

Curiously, Amazon does not yet list RENT on Blu-ray, although I know it is coming out in November.
Another point of note, is that Roger’s Video Direct although listing Blu-ray titles, has not yet shipped me any of my selections.
Anyway, I still have 4 more Blu-ray movie purchases to watch,
and I’m waiting until Saturday until I get a chance to watch one on someone’s SONY Bravia XBR2 LCD television (1080p) anyway.

4 thoughts on “New Blu-ray movies!”

  1. I had the opportunity to take a very close look at a SONY Bravia XBR2 46″ LCD TV on the weekend. Rather than plug it, in particular, I should mention some of the things I thought were decent to have on a TV: 3 HDMI inputs, 1 on the side. This allows a Laptop (DVI), Roger’s HD terminal (DVI) and a Blu-Ray player (HDMI) to be all connected at once.

    The TV is too new for the Harmony remote to control it without work. The recommended work to handle all of those inputs, is to accept its settings for Video 1 through 7 and to customize Video 8 & 9 with video7 + however many “InputNext”‘s you need.

    The RGB input to a 1920×1080 TV is quite nice for laptops which can generate an RGB signal like that. As for computer inputs, the TV has an easy to get to menu option to instantly show the entire signal on-screen, rather than expand & chop which most TVs do so you don’t see the real edge of the picture. I would just leave the TV in that mode all of the time.

    Using a laptop with a dual-head video card allows nice slide shows (of photos). You can not sit back more than about 13 feet with a 46” LCD and see all of the text on a computer screen. I had trouble getting SIMS 2 on my laptop to fire up on the 2nd head, but in general, most everything else worked as expected. One can fire up a browser on your regular screen, and then play Quicktime 7 HD trailers on the 2nd head (the TV).

    This was fun, but the laptop I had with me choked on the HD clip for “Click”. All of the other HD trailers I tried played okay. Regular trailers can now be safely ignored. This seemed to be an issue with Quicktime 7, but I’m not that interested in “Click”. Photos should look to be the correct color and on the Bravia they were. Poster quality in fact.

    I noticed that Rogers Atlanta Scientific 3250HD bitches about HDCP not being available on the DVI port for a few seconds as the TV switches over to that particular HDMI input. This caused some issues with the set top box when I was not using the Harmony remote, as it took me a long time to get to the input and the HD settop box would SHUT DOWN if you don’t get the HDCP signaling running in time! Assholes…

    Anyway, with the macros there, you just get an annoying on-screen message telling you you should go back to mining coal, or words to that effect, for about 2 seconds. Maybe it said “use your component video input”. Well it was definitely one or the other.

  2. I plug my PowerBook into our HDTV all the time to play video. Usually I am playing downloaded torrents via wireless from the Linux box in the basement. I’ve noticed that the PowerBook can handle HR (960×540), but not HD720p (720×1280). I think it’s the CPU (1.6 GHz G4) and not the video card (ATi Mobility Radeon 9700), because I think Iain has no problems on his MacBook and I don’t think its video is much beefier, but the CPU is.

  3. I bought a Bluetooth keyboard for the laptop just so I could control it from the couch in front of the TV, for trailers and er, um, divx files and such. I bought a longer DVI cable for it too. Looking at a 46″ from 13′ was rough — the laptop screen is invisible from that distance. It would have to sit on something like a coffee table, with the DVI cable going to the side HDMI port of the TV. On the weekend I only had access to a short RGB cable, so had to walk up to the laptop & TV to start the show. Canada Computers had a much better price than Future Shop on that particular keyboard.

  4. I use an ATi remote control, which is nice since it’s RF, not infrared, so like your bluetooth keyboasrd, no line-of-sight is neccessary. I used the ATi-supplied control panel to customize buttons for VLC, and voilà, yet another remote control next to the couch.

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