Fountain (Trailers)

Craig reviewed “Fountain” negatively on the filmfest site here on tnir, and being the busy guy he is, has not “moderated” my comment on it yet. I have examined the trailers for the movie at FOUNTAIN @ apple in HD carefully, and with all the movies he is seeing, he can be excused for a misplaced negative review.

The moral of the movie is not just that living forever can take, well a long time, but if you are aware of Descarte’s view of God and perhaps have read, um, the first few pages of that book, what’s it’s name again? Starts with a “B”… The poetic implications on the tree of life and Aronofsky’s earlier movies becomes more clear, at least to the extent I felt I needed to mention them in a review, unlike our exhausted TIFF movie reviewer Craig. Eden & Eve were also mentioned in the movie.

I encourage you to seek out additional reviews of this movie, unless you’re philosophically challenged and feel like signing me up for “” again,. Btw, to whoever did it, prickwear is for liberal pricks, there’s a better one for right-wing pricks. Not too sure if there’s much of a market for T-shirts for centrist philosophers, however. Maybe “Church of the sub-genius” T’s?

4 thoughts on “Fountain (Trailers)”

  1. I guess so. I saw “Renaissance (2006)” yesterday. Ouch, 2 hours of staring at an inkblot. Also about immortality, but despite the avant-guard graphics, there was no hope for this movie. The new-ground broken with the computer graphics should have been summarized in a 5 minute clip and put on the web.

    Macs largely exist because of the needs of artists, and I do like saying things that please me in addition to the on-topic bits. Macs are completely off-topic in my household, but fortuntely, they are good for movie trailers and can be connected to TVs, so there is something tech-related about them, I guess.

  2. Okay, but leave the Mac joke out! :)

    Renaisance also has a plot problem in that it appeared (now, I fell asleep twice, so maybe I missed a minor thing), that in order to stop people from pusuing eternal youth, good people must kill other good people with these intentions! Craziness. Even if you imagine the ending differently, the build up from the rest of the movie is clear: The writer needs to get out more.

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