The PC is dead

Running Vista RC1 on my MacBook via Boot Camp pretty much sums up my thoughts on the Mac vs. PC debate.

3 thoughts on “The PC is dead”

  1. Unfortunately, a proclamation like that forces a lot of self-censorship upon me, and with PLJ actively censoring me *and* the people at work complaining about my “e-mail tone” almost every week maybe one day I should stop posting stuff. Hm, naw… they’ll have to pry my PC from my cold, dead hands. Actually, I hope to create a program that mimics my posting and e-mail style before I die and then release it on the world. Actually, it’s a pretty straight forward-thing: examine people’s false assumptions or invalid logic and create a parody closely following what they think but that employs logic they do accept as valid. Which reminds me, I wanted to go out and buy a Dilbert collection today. I leave as an exercise to the reader the creation of a suitable response for Mac hype, or Java hype, or C# hype etc.

  2. I was caught up in a geek buzz after installing Vista on my Macbook and I was feeling mischievous.

    For the sake of joy and happyness throughout the land I scale back my “proclamation” and state that I agree with Reid.

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