Garmin Street Pilot i5

Another thing I recently obtained was a GPS that speaks and has a 3D map and is very small that you use in the car. Its a lot like the Hertz “Never Lost” system from a few years back. I never bothered with this type of GPS in the past because I always knew where I was going, however I would like to share a couple of discoveries about this technology in general. If the navigator is asleep and you’re on an interstate, I had in the past simply followed my mental map connecting one interstate to another, but the GPS will direct you along the limited access highways and bypasses to avoid the core of a city, saving time and not disturbing the navigator from her slumber. If you are in a well known city, all you have to do is turn onto a side street if you encounter traffic, and the unit will immediately recalculate your route and give you a short cut around the traffic (assuming you start driving away from the congestion!).

If there’s some question about which route is quicker (that you might know of), the unit will settle the question. I tried it in a city I had never driven in (Columbus Ohio), and never once had to open the paper map to get where I wanted to go. It worked like a charm.

* Warning: contains technology known to cause confusion to residents of the state of California.

One thought on “Garmin Street Pilot i5”

  1. I love GPS! I bought TomTom’s NAVIGATOR 5 Bluetooth for my iPaq hx4700. I took a trip across the US last year and it made driving a joy! The freedom to change ones route on the fly and have it recalculate the route on its own was amazing.

    Reid and I are off to California in August so I bought Microsoft’s Streets and Trips (with GPS) for the MacBook.

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