Format War! Game on!


Okay I picked up a BluRay player (Samsung BD-P1000), programmed my Harmony remote (they already know about it) and bought a few BluRay titles. Future Shop seems to have rather high prices on BluRay discs at the moment, as I was able to get a few titles in the states last week for quite a discount. So far everything is okay, except that I had to make a tough decision. I had to connect the BluRay player to the DVI input on the TV and drop the HD-PVR back down to component video. I’d forgotten how weird “The 5th Element” was…

9 thoughts on “Format War! Game on!”

  1. Nice! How much did that set you back?

    I’m thinking that a TV with multiple HDMI inputs will be required shortly. In the meanwhile I am on the lookout for an HDMI switch. I’m getting really tired of plugging and unplugging my DVD player and the PowerBook. I’m worried the HDMI socket in the TV will wear out!

  2. Well it was over $1k (b&h has it for $1k U.S.). On the radio they were saying “Our best advice is to wait for a clear winner in the format war.”. I don’t follow their logic at all. If I and others don’t embrace the technology that will sell more LCD flat-panel displays, how can I seriously expect my flat-panel maker stocks to go up? Oh well, liberal spin even on consumer electronics. Weird. Actually, I bought a Daft-Punk CD last week. It was sad to listen to a song that was snide about computer upgrades. Only very young liberals could believe that song had any basis in reality.

  3. This is not the same as Beta vs VHS. Set top boxes won’t lead the market push. Gaming consoles and computers will determine who wins this time around. It is a moot point as the battle between HD-DVD and Blu-ray is a battle between two technologies that has already lost to the combinatiion of the internet and large hard drives.

  4. I wonder about that. Roger’s just boosted the High Speed internet fee by a whopping $7/month. My guess is that it’s the large volume of pirated mp4 mush that gets downloaded driving the increase. Compare the “Symbols” scene in Fifth Element Blu-Ray to the “Symbols” scene in the commonly available “Davinci Code” pirate .mp4 (that I had the misfortune of seeing part of…). Since I don’t pirate, I will probably downgrade to the 5mbps from 6mbps download (the upload side goes down from 800k to 384kbps), but I’ll probably hang in there until the Amazon movie downloads start up anyway. I still can’t imagine that its effecient dowloading 27Gb MPEG-2-HD onto even $90 250GB harddrives with current technology. However, I’m game, a 2nd front in the format war is now open!

  5. Sounds cool. Where can I download a 4.7Gb DivX 720p movie? Actually, there’s a problem. The set top solution is difficult to reverse-engineer, but PC-based software is not. I don’t think this fact has been lost on the industry. Anyway, all I know about Divx HD is here: and it seems to be a technology exclusively for trailers.

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