Primus offers 22 Mbps ADSL2+ service in Canada

Check out
the press release.
It’s very marketing-heavy, and they keep mentioning “a Canadian CLEC” without naming them!

Basically, by the end of June, the 22 Mbps service will be accessible to 3 million Canadians.
They will be setting up a beta group to use it at the same rate they’re already paying for normal DSL.

Since there is no specific new product, I assume they are doing technical trials and don’t have a marketing “package” for this service yet.

Just once I’d like to see a clear press release that says something like: “Now offering 22 Mbps service for $50/month, $4/month for static IP, $100 for new modem, $10/month for additional IP addresses, $5/month for no traffic shaping or protocol prioritization”.
You know, something useful.

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