Frappr sucks less


I haven’t been a big fan of
mostly because it was a very US-centric site, where non-US people could only enter the city they were in, so you would get a group of several hundred people all piled up on one dot on the map.

I don’t know if it’s a recent change, or I just idn’t notice from the start, but once you add yourself,
you can actually edit your entry and change the longitude and latitude to enough significant figures to pinpoint your house.
To find the long/lat numbers, all you do is find your house in Google Maps, and then click on the “link to this page” in the top right,
which will change the URL to include the longitude and latitude of your house.

This all assumes you *want* to publish this kind of info on the web of course.
You can just use a landmark you like instead.
Or maybe a bookstore downtown you like. :-)

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