Fink and DarwinPorts docs

If you have a Mac and have used either of the two top packaging systems, Fink or DarwinPorts, then you have a bunch of doc you may not know about.
Fink stuff lives under /sw while DarwinPorts (or simply “ports” as I like to call it) lives under /opt/local.
Both install documentation under share/doc, which is not easy to get to all the time.

To expedite reading that documentation, I use a symlink to my ~/Sites directory, like this:

ln -s /sw/share/doc fink-doc
ln -s /opt/local/share/doc ports-doc

However, by default, the Apache setup for Mac OS X personal web sharing does not follow symlinks.
Thus, I add “FollowSymLinks” to the “Options” line in my “.htaccess” file (note the leading period).
Mine now reads:

Options +ExecCGI +FollowSymLinks

I can’t remember if the “+ExecCGI” was there before or not.

With this in place, I can now browse such goodies as
(neither of which you can browse, sorry).
The “localhost” part of the URL means “my local machine”, and will always work as long as Apache is running.

Now excuse me as I read over http://localhost/~rae/ports-doc/glibmm-2.4/docs/reference/html..

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