Bush talks about hybrids

U.S. alternate energy goals

I was puzzling over why one of my fuel-cell stocks went up 10% yesterday. I consider those kinds of stocks super-high-risk, so I barely made enough for a night on the town. Actually, there’s been a 6-10% decline in several Japanese-stock mutual funds in the last few days, so I think we’re talking red-numbers here.

Hey, I think I’ll change the +ve numbers on my stock portfolio to blue-numbers. heh. Stocks to watch today: (for news!! Don’t buy any on my account! (or Bush’s for that matter))
— say if anyone knows the real situation at BLD.TO, who was controlled by
& F, and sold their euro-ops to DCX, I believe, send me an email at myob10.at.hotmail.com — Some folks lost a lot of money on BLD.TO as well as F more recently.

And by the way, TM is going to have a Camry in this years NASCAR series, with one in last Sunday’s Daytona 500 Nascar race. Maybe I should get Nascar’s in-car package this year. I sure hope I can find HD converage.

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6 thoughts on “Bush talks about hybrids”

  1. I was totally pissed off when I found out that nastycar is broadcast in HD (I just happpened upon a race being broadcast on HD). The reason I am pissed is that Formula 1 has yet to be broadcast in HD! This is the only case of nastycar being ahead of F1 in a technical area. On the subject of HD, what the hell is taking SPEED so long to broadcast in HD!

  2. Btw, I’ve added a “Finance” category. Jeff – I think it would be cool if you could post stocks you buy/sell, unless you’d rather not give that info out.

  3. I edited the above to correct NASCAR info. I missed the opener this year. As for the stocks, Cramer from thestreet.com says you need to spend an hour getting to know each individual stock one owns. It’s quite true, they all have their own character. GOOG to me seems like “widely-held-pyramid-type”, INTC, MSFT, WMT — widely held, over-valued going nowhere short-term but still called blue-chip and generally behaving as such, but still somewhat dangerous. All investors lose on some trades. Oddly, I feel worse when I get a detail wrong in a blog entry than I do monitoring kilobuck market swings in the wrong direction.

    Here’s a funny one for you: When I got my Atlanta Scientic (SFA) HD PVR, I bought some of their stock. Cisco then acquired SFA in a $6.5B deal, which means when it closes, I will have made just a little bit more than I have spent on the rental of the box. In other words, a Hi-Def PVR for free… Actually, its a burn, Cisco is going to rake in the bucks in the future, but I find their stock to be too high for my tastes, sigh. [FYI: SFA still trades, but its almost exactly at the value the deal was for]

  4. Rats. I saw “hybrid” on the main page, and hoped I was going to find a thread on the threat of MANIMALS. Instead, I found NASCAR google ads.

  5. Yes, and I click on them once in a while and even became a customer of “rogersvideodirect” as a result. You should be able to tell by the big whopping cheque you get from Google, right?

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