Copying directory structures

Quick Q&A, stolen from an AIM conversation..

Do you know a way to duplicate a folder structure, but leave out any files inside it?

It would be based on “find <dir> -type d“, which prints out a list of all directories.
From that you can use “xargs“. Something like this..

cd srcdir; find . -type d \! -name . -print0 | (cd dest; xargs -0 mkdir)

The “\! -name .” is because find always returns “.”, which is the current directory. To give feedback, add a “-v” after the mkdir:

cd srcdir; find . -type d \! -name . -print0 | (cd dest; xargs -0 mkdir -v)

May move to Typo soon..

a blog publishing app similar to WordPress
(which I’m currently using for all my blogs)
is undergoing a website facelift, and is
being seen more often.

Typo is based on Rails, of course.
I am hoping to take it and turn it into the blog software I’ve always wanted.
One wherein everyone posts to a single database, and “sites” are determined by filtering that pool.
Personal sites take all posts by that person, tech sites take all the “tech” postings, etc.
I think it sucks that I have to decide to either post in
or Tech Tok.

iPod price changes – good-bye Shuffle?

iPod Shuffle
Apple just introduced a 1 GB iPod Nano, and dropped the price on the 1 GB iPod Shuffle.
In $Canadian, the Nano is $180, while the Shuffle is $120.

The Nano uses flash memory, just like the Shuffle; the only real difference is that the Shuffle has no display.
It’s like a gum stick with buttons on it.

Oh, the 512 MB Shuffle is $90, btw.

So, given cheaper Nano’s, is there any reason to really have a Shufle any more?
I would expect them to Shuffle off this mortal coil any time now.

Blu-Ray content

I tried to post this as a comment on Jeff’s post, but comments aren’t allowed to use tables. *sigh.

The HD-DVD announcement on Jan 11th was probably in response to the Jan 7th announcement of the first Blu-Ray titles. Here they are:

Aeon Flux Behind Enemy Lines Black Hawk Down Bram Stoker’s Dracula Bridge on the River Kwai
Desperado Devil’s Rejects Dune Fantastic Four Fifth Element
For a Few Dollars More Four Brothers Hitch House of Flying Daggers Ice Age
Italian Job Knight’s Tale Kung Fu Hustle Last Waltz Legends of the Fall
Lord of War Manchurian Candidate Rambo: First Blood Reservoir Dogs Resident Evil Apocalypse
Robocop SWAT Saw See No Evil Sense and Sensibility
Sky Captain [..] Species Stealth T2: Judgment Day The Guns of Navarone
The Punisher Total Recall We Were Soldiers XXX

I also found interesting the bits mentioning Stargate Atlantis on BD.

For comparison, here is the HD-DVD list:

12 Monkeys Apollo 13 Backdraft Batman Begins Bone Collector
Bourne Supremacy Braveheart Charlie & the Choc. Fac. Chronicles of Riddick Conan the Barbarian
Constantine Dante’s Peak Dune Elizabethtown End of Days
Forest Gump Forrest Gump Ghost Grease Harry Potter movies
Italian Job Manchurian Candidate Matrix (the trilogy) Mission Impossible II Ocean’s Twelve
Ocean’s Twelve Phantom of the Opera Pitch Black Polar Express School of Rock
Sky Captain [..] Spongebob Squarepants Spy Game The Thing U-571
Van Helsing Waterworld