Sharp 45″ LCD TV

Sharp has a new LCD Monitor and related TVs (3 or 4 different models). I was quite concerned about the stated contrast ratios like 600:1 and 800:1 when I’ve heard of other TVs with ratios of 10,000:1.

I used to live in a bedroom community near Toronto and I went to the Best Buy there yesterday to look at the TV and for other reasons. They did not have the TV, but I again noted that several Plasma makers are still trying to peddle TVs that have truly horrendous contrast ratios, reminding me of the bad old days of 256-colour .jpg files in the 80’s.

Homeshow is “closing for ever”, reminding me of the good old days of the early 80’s when the furniture store that the Brick bought called “Stuarts” used to go out of business every other week. The Homeshow locations are being rebranded to “Brick Super-stores” in case you didn’t notice, and I went there looking for what exactly was 50% off, and predictably, not one LCD TV was on sale. Pretty much only used ashtrays and broken lamps were given the big discounts. I wonder if that’s really much of a joke…? hm, ok its a joke

Anyway, so about my former haunts. Over the years, salespeople in Pickering and Ajax have said the most incredible things to me. Like when I asked about a fairly nice non-luxury car in Pickering once, “Sir… This is only Pickering!”. Or I said to one employee, “Actually, is that a lot of money (for that thing)?”, and she said, “Well it is for us little people.”. I guess it didn’t help that I went to the Flea Market as well as the Amish furniture store in Pickering yesterday (nice place by the way) but the hick-town isms were rife. I never really cared when I lived there, except for the laughs and some time losses on undoing people’s pre-conceptions. Nice people live there, however after all of these years there are still many reasons to shop in Markham (near where I work) instead of Ajax-Pickering for all of those cool techo-nerd-toys.