mt daapd

Someone here at work recommended a package called
for serving music on a Linux box to be accessed via iTunes.

He highly recommended it, and it sounded really cool.
Here is a list of features, cribbed from the FAQ:

  • Supports the Roku SoundBridge (query/browse/index support)
  • Supports periodic rescans of the database
  • Can advertise shoutcast streams
  • Supports password-protected shares
  • Is web-configurable and managable
  • Support dynamic playlists, like iTunes “Smart playlists”
  • Probably other things I’ve forgotten

All is not perfect, however. Currently, there are several drawbacks to it:

  • database is indexed by inode, so all music must be on one filesystem
  • browse by artist is slow on Roku, times out (with large databases ~10K songs)
  • Probably other things I’ve forgotten