Nikon D200 released

Nikon D200
Nikon D200 – click for larger picture

D200 is a 5 frame per second (in raw mode yet!) 10 megapixel digital SLR taking Nikon mount lenses. When I was on a high building in Paris, 6 megapixels with telephoto yielded pretty good street-scapes. Twice the resolution should be something else. It’s somewhere around $2k Canadian, but is currently back-ordered in NYC. This will probably put downward pressure on the D50 on boxing day. Save a few pennies for the sales!

Better living through web-ordering

Just received a shipment from with a Girls Aloud DVD in it. Sorry not available in Canada or the U.S., only in PAL and region 2. Their cover of the “Pointer Sisters” “Jump” is quite excellent.

Also got a book called “Is it just me or is everything shit? (Nov. 2005)” full of wonderfully British observations complete with a fine examination of Sofia’ Coppola’s Lost in Translation… er, and Macs, and DVD-user-restrictions, etc… Sorry not in the US or Canada, eh.. can get it for you in 1 to 4 months.

I think there was a moral to the story, then again maybe not. Just more content for your region-free player and filler to make the order from abroad worthwhile. Enjoy!


is a company that seems to have implemented what I was trying to do with
You can sign up to be a developer and download an SDK of some sort.
I’ve signed up to see what they have.

The idea is that you can set up your own 3D world, and people can use a general MultiVerse client to visit your world (and others).
Sort of similar to
Second Life
(and maybe a bit like World of Warcraft!).

mt daapd

Someone here at work recommended a package called
for serving music on a Linux box to be accessed via iTunes.

He highly recommended it, and it sounded really cool.
Here is a list of features, cribbed from the FAQ:

  • Supports the Roku SoundBridge (query/browse/index support)
  • Supports periodic rescans of the database
  • Can advertise shoutcast streams
  • Supports password-protected shares
  • Is web-configurable and managable
  • Support dynamic playlists, like iTunes “Smart playlists”
  • Probably other things I’ve forgotten

All is not perfect, however. Currently, there are several drawbacks to it:

  • database is indexed by inode, so all music must be on one filesystem
  • browse by artist is slow on Roku, times out (with large databases ~10K songs)
  • Probably other things I’ve forgotten