Pool Party HD clip

click to see a 1920×1080 still from the HD clip

Jeff K brough along his brand-spanking new Sony HD camcorder to the pool party.
I used iMovie HD to produce
this 1’41” clip of 1080i HD video.
It’s 100 MB, and is encoded in H.264 at 8,233 kbits/sec.

I gotta say, that is one sweet camera.
I managed to impress Jeff a little I think when I connected the camera to my Mac and proceeded to edit video.
He was a bit less impressed when iMovie took over an hour to compress the video to mp4.
As it turned out, however, I was compressing it way, way down to something like 240 pixels wide!
Later, when I kept it full-sized it was a bit faster.
But still, encoding 1080i is not the fastest task, even on my G5.

I did notice a few interlace artifacts when playing the clip back on my computer.
You can see it in the full-sized version of the still above if you look at my pointing finger.
I guess H.264 doesn’t de-interlace on its own or anything?

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3 thoughts on “Pool Party HD clip”

  1. There are programs/settings to get rid of the interlace artifacts (its an algorithm). I’m still trying to find a free way to capture HDV onto a PC. There is apparently a method available on Win XP SP2 using VirtualDub (free software) by going into device manager, video devices and picking a SONY DVHS deck as the source. I trashed Win XP shortly after I bought it a couple years back, so I can’t try this myself, but there are many testimonials of ‘success’ out on the web.

  2. Oh and one other thing, in 16:9 the ‘talking head’ can’t fill a screen, so the cameraman is forced to include other parts of the shot, in this case we have your pool. The pool is fairly bright, so I should have pressed the exposure override button and brighted the part of the image you’re in since the automatic exposure adjustment tries for a happy average of the whole scene. This also made the frame grabs I sent to you privately somewhat dark. Alternatively, I should have interviewed you away from the sun instead of into it. It was my first day out with the thing, what can I say?

  3. WELL, IF YOU WERE DOING A REAL INTERVIEW, YOU WOULD.. well first off you would have caps lock off. Okay, you would have your own (hopefully diffuse) light source to ensure the subject was the brightest thing on camera. :-)

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