TV show distributors hacking BitTorrent?

Posts like
this one
are showing up on BitTorrent sites, detailing the IP ranges that should be blocked to avoid being torrent-spammed.
Apparently someone is flooding the BitTorrent network with garbage data for certain specific shows.

Six Feet Under
episodes have been especially targeted.
What happens is that when a user starts downloading a torrent, clients in these IP ranges claim to be seeders for that torrent and start sending packets.
Indeed, so many cclaim to be seeders that real seeders are elbowed out, causing the user to spend a lot of time downloading garbage packets.
The end effect is that the torrent claims to be downloading at, say, 120 kbps, but the show’s “% complete” remains at zero.

An interesting tactic in the never-ending escalation.
One user on the page above laments:

I gave up on this and just waited for the HBO2 rerun. I have Sygate Firewall, Bluetack Protowall with today’s Blocklist, and Azureus with SafePeer, and I manually entered all the IP ranges indicated on this page, and I was still getting more garbage than actual file. What’s more disturbing is that hours after I deleted the torrent and what data I did manage to download, then quit Azureus, I’m still getting a continuous stream of packets from Time Warner. Sygate is blocking them, but they’re still coming at around 2K per sec average, and occasionally interfering with my web surfing. This really sucks, because if they can come up with more IPs per day than we can screen and block, as well as issue attacks on our personal machines for hours afterward, then it looks like Bittorrent may be about to bite the dust.

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