Toyota Highlander Hybrid Hits the streets of Toronto

Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Toyota’s Highlander hybrid vehicle

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid has a continuously variable transmission and supposedly gets about 7.5L/100km as opposed to 13ishL/100km city for a non-hybrid, but I think as with the Prius, your mileage will vary.

I also heard that they are hard to get in Canada because they sell so many in the U.S., however with the 7.5L/100km rating you don’t have to pay the gas-guzzler tax, but then the vehicle is quite expensive.

3 thoughts on “Toyota Highlander Hybrid Hits the streets of Toronto”

  1. Hey Jeff (and Iain and anyone else with an account — lemme know if you want one), if you log in and go to the upload page, you can upload pics. I always prefix the pic name with the year and month, just to make things managable.

    This pic, for instance, is named “200506toyotahighlander.jpg”, although the name of the file I actually uploaded was “2005-06-toyota-highlander.jpg”; WordPress strips certain characters I guess.

    I went back and added pics to a few previous stories. Hope you don’t mind, I just think pics liven things up a bit.

  2. I am having intermittent crunching sounds coming from what might be the window/door frame of my brand new Hylander Hybrid.

    I’ve tried opening the window an sometimes that affects if but then it comes back.

    I am trying to determine any causes such as cold temperature etc. but it is not something I can trigger by choice.

    Also, I have been averaging about 13.5 L/100km and not the 7.1 that was mentioned above. Any opinions?

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Ron Repke
    Waterloo, Canada

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