Paris Airshow

Air Show
Paris Air Show

Photos from Paris Airshow It is taking place at “Le Bourget” near Paris. I have even been to this place, oooh, ahhh. There’s a French-style sushi place across from the museum there. There are some photos of the A380 prototype, UAVs, and such. Presumably you can find more photos somewhere on the web. Like here maybe: A380 Tags on flickr

5 thoughts on “Paris Airshow”

  1. Cool post. I love aircraft. I think the A380 is a fasinating creation. I would love to attend the Paris Airshow. As the next one is in two years I think I have enough time to plan a trip.

    I am particularly fond of WWII aircraft (specifically the Spitfire). The sound of a Merlin brings tears to my eyes.

  2. Hey Iain – you must become a blubbering mess when a Lancaster goes by with 4 Merlin’s!

    The best is when the CWH flies their Lanc escorted by a Huricane and Spitfire – 6 Merlin’s!! It is an incredible sound.

  3. Last year I competed in a go kart series out by Hamilton airport. The track was smack dab in the middle of the approach to the runway (which was on the otherside a field next to the track). One day I was competing in a race and the Lanc came in for a landing. I was so entranced by it that I drove off the track! If they had flown a Spitfire and a Huricane at the same time I would have fainted.

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