SONY Qualia 006 70″ 1920x1080i Projection TV

I saw one last night at a SONY store: $17,000 TV. You could really feel like you’re falling into a black hole watching the Dr. Who intro. with that puppy.

5 thoughts on “SONY Qualia 006 70″ 1920x1080i Projection TV”

  1. At that price I would expect at least 1080p (which I’ve seen advertised but thought wasn’t on the list of HDTV standard resolutions) (Oh wait, I guess it is)

    I thought that PAL (“Phase Alternating Line”) was an analogue-only broadcast standard, like NTSC, not a screen resolution. What is 16:9 PAL defined as? I think SDTV PAL is 720 x 486.

  2. Hm, well this article: says it “maps 1080i” and has fast LCD panels, which suggests to me the TV undoes the “i” part anyway.

    Well the PAL signal has a certain maximum resolution. In any event, I think the more exact term is that Dr. Who is in 576i Widescreen format, or 720x576i 16:9. My TV is 1366×788, but the biggest visual nuisances are the MPEG-2 artifacts during explosions or the opening tunnel thingee. It looks quite fine otherwise. Btw, Roger’s opened up the VHS archiving feature on my HD-PVR, but I don’t think the IEEE-1394 is active yet. I think CBC up-converts the 576i to either of 1080i or 720p — either would look about the same on my screen. I shudder to think what the pixel mapping from the original 576i to my 788 looks like. I guess I could pause the show and examine the screen.

    Incidentally, I believe the CBC-HD signal is on the air somewhere. Perhaps I could do the Myth TV thing if I can find an off-air HD decoder somewhere like maybe:

  3. According to MarketNews:

    Toronto’s City-TV remains the only station with broadcasting in digital over the air.
    As of mid-November 2004, there were 1,344 terrestrial TV stations [in the U.S.] broadcasting in digital. That’s 1,344 times as many as there are here in Canada. A few of those 1,344 American high-def stations, such as the eight HDTV channels in Detroit, are within range of Canadian viewers near the border.

    Well, that sucks. I was hoping that all of CBC, CTV, City and Global were broadcasting over-the-air, so I could avoid costly added fees to Rogers.

  4. Well don’t panic, the cbc site still has articles saying they were going on-air with HDTV in Toronto March 5, 2005. It looks like they just missed their launch date by a bit, perhaps. Certainly I’ve been receiving many interesting Shows in HDTV and the number and quality of the PBS & Discovery shows in HDTV certainly make me recommend that you *do* get the Roger’s feed. HD-DVD is hitting the streets Q4 2005. Don’t let the future pass you by. [He says as the 2005 Dr. Who theme is thumping on the sub-woofer under the computer]. Can’t remember if I mentioned it here, but next week’s Dr. Who is a FX-laden event (which no doubt the MPEG-2 encoding will trash to an extent) where aliens invade London and work towards WWIII… 1st of 2 parts.

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