Open Source Mac software

I was writing a long post for the
MacCast forums,
but then my internet connection went down.
Luckily, I have things set up to access tnir’s sites locally. :-)

This is a list of open source apps for the Mac that I use and recommend.

Lets you connect to AIM (iChat), ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and Jabber all at once

Terminal on steroids.

Remotely access and control other computers running Mac OS (9 or X), Linux, Windows, BeOS, OS/2 .. just about everything.
My preferred Mac VNC server is OSXvnc
My preferred Mac VNC client is VNCDimension, even though you have to use IP addresses and *not* host names. :-/

The ultimate download client these days

Mozilla FireFox
Web browsing done right

Mozilla ThunderBird
Email done right

What I use to listen to the MacCast!

Excellent IRC client

Records mp3 streams to disk as mp3’s. The author has since taken it commercial, but the original open-source version works fine for me.

Mac-only web browser that has many very interesting features.

VideoLan Client
Plays movie files on which QuickTime chokes. Mayt disappear soon because of patent issues, though.

Audio editor and recorder

Astronomy software a la Starry night

The Gimp
Very powerful image editing

Professional level word processing application.

Coming soon…
All the power of MS Office for free.

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