USB Flash drives

Ars Technica did a
roundup of USB flash drives
and to mee it seems that the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Pro is the one to get.
It’s only negative is that it isn’t bootable.
Unfortunately, the bootable ones either aren’t as cheap, or aren’t as fast.
I found it on sale at
Canada Computers
for $99.
Not bad for a 1 Gig flash drive.
I quickly chacked, and the 1 Gig iPod Shuffle was about twice as much from
Apple’s Canadian store.


is a Java-enhanced, Mac-specific version of
which as yet has no Mac-native version.

I’ve tried it out on a number of Word and Excel files and it does a bang-up job.
I would assume it shares the capabilities and limitations of OpenOffice.
I’m going to spend some time checking it out over the next few weeks.

Anyone else really tried either of these?