LCD contrast and color rendition is a general let down, so I picked up a 22″ CRT monitor. Yikes, they’re not perfect either. I’ve got 2 very faint shadows of wires inside the tube you can see when you’re a bit close to the screen. There’s also a bit of wavering in the high res modes. However, looking at 3M pixel and 6M pixel images has improved so much, I can see the dirt that was on the camera optics when I took the pictures. Sigh, you can’t win.

Those videos from play just fine in the 1600×1200 & 2048×1536 modes (on the AMD 64 3200+). I’m pretty sure the decoding is right on the edge as Media Player plays without a hitch, but the old WinAmp player stutters.

Say, I just noticed you can buy those shows in HiDef on DVDs (in fact, I already have 2 of them and didn’t realize it — “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”). Now all I need is a laptop with an HDMI connector and 1300×768 (approx) video output so I can put it up on my TV.

Also, editing pictures in the 2048×1536 mode is okay only for short periods, and boy does that slow down the system.

Oooh ahhh, off to watch the Motown thing.