Intel’s Dual-Core Chips to be Unveiled in Q2!

Ya, ya, another Xbitlabs pimp.
Intel Accelerates Dual-Core Introduction, Extends Reach.
But this story also came from
I’m happy to hear anything about accellerating technology, because we’re into our 5th year of the 4 GHz barrier now and it’s all feeling a bit stale.

Is it just my perception that things were exceiting when Intel and AMD raced each other, with AMD breaking 1 GHz first, but then Intel screaming past 2 and 3 GHz in fairly short order, and then … nothing?
AMD did release a “4000+” part, but somehow it didn’t seem *real*.
Not sure why.
Ya, I know it isn’t actually running at 4GHz, but it is supposed to be “as fast” as a P4 running that fast.

Ah well.

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2 thoughts on “Intel’s Dual-Core Chips to be Unveiled in Q2!”

  1. The 4GHz barrier has only really been existance since November of 2002 (3.06 GHz P4 release).

    Major upgrades in performance have been made since then:

    – SATA
    – DDR 400/500/550
    – DDR2 533/667
    – Gigabit Ethernet (on PC’s – Mac’s have had Giga since 2000)
    – 800/1066 MHz FSB
    – NV40
    – R430
    – AMD FX-55/4000+
    – G5 2.5
    – Hypertransport

    A FX-55/X800 XT PE would have a 3DMark05 score that would triple that of a P4 3.06 running a 5900 Ultra or a 9700 Pro.

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