Bittorrent Bites the Dust

Back in September File Share Day Reid mentioned file sharing day. If you go to their site now, File Share News you’ll see that the BitTorrent network has basically been sacked by legal action, with the SuprNova BitTorrent tracker and the like now off the net. Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! Btw, IMHO these networks are optimized for ripping off popular stuff you’re supposed to pay for. None of the legal free stuff I’m interested in seems to be widely hosted, so I don’t miss them. I just thought you should know how seriously the MPAA is now taking the internet piracy thing. Again, IMHO, this is all kid’s stuff anyway either way you look at it. [Only kids are interested in bad copies of MPAA movies, and no one wants kids looking at the other XXX garbage that tags along on those networks anyway]. Also, here I may be wrong as I wasn’t looking closely, but music seems to be only a small portion of BitTorrent networks.

4 thoughts on “Bittorrent Bites the Dust”

  1. Yeah, I was originally going to post a couple of links listed in main-stream news stories, but they got sacked a day later. I rather like “Pirate’s Bay”‘s snarky link site about all of this, they’re in Sweden and ignoring the legal action too (so far) — and posting the notices they receive.

  2. Those sites, like bi-torrent, as it turns out, disappear very quickly. Pirate Bay is still around, but I’ve downloaded all 10 (yeah, about 10) non-copyrighted files that looked interesting and now have nothing I can do usefully with bittorrent again.

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