This isn’t really all that tech, but a lot of new Hybrid vehicles (Electric + gasoline) are hitting the market. The Ford Escape SUV seems pretty good and I test drove one, but the Toyota Highlander with 270H.P. (est.) that will be launched sometime around May looks like it might be the new standard to beat.

3 thoughts on “Hybrids”

  1. Luisa and I looked into Hybrids recently. We’re probably getting a new car some time soon-ish. However, our current feeling is that hybrids are still a bit too new and expensive. By “too new” I really mean we’d like to get one second-hand, and that model should be a third or fourth-year model.

  2. Ford guarantees their hybrid battery for 8 years, I believe. The additional mileage with the Ford doesn’t really pay for the additional cost too quickly either, I read in a magazine. All of these gurus though don’t mention the energy crisis currently looming, or the problems measuring fuel economy. However, I like new stuff. I want to get the Toyota, if the mileage & horsepower figures hold true when the vehicle is “launched” in a few months (and the estimated price doesn’t go way up for some unknown reason). Slashdot has an article about electric cars today.

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