AMD CPUs fastest for Half-Life 2

Xbit labs ran
measuring CPU speed in Half Life 2 demos.
AMD CPUs came out ahead overall.

I find it somewhat staggering that the slowest CPUs were “3000” series (i.e. as fast as a 3 GHz P4).
Ye gads.

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4 thoughts on “AMD CPUs fastest for Half-Life 2”

  1. What we’re seeing, if I understood you correctly, is that big data-chunking CPUS like the Athlon 64 and the best Intel CPU is (the ones with wide data buses) are doing better with this game than the Celeron and such crap which have 3000-like namesakes, good for number crunching, but not for shoveling data around?

  2. Things are looking fantastic for AMD. They already have the 64 bit issue covered and they will be moving to dual core processors by the summer. The thought of dual core processors and next gen video cards in 2005 is making my pulse quicken!

    Keep in mind the fact that Half Life 2 does not take advantage of Hyper-Threading nor SSE3 instructions. Valve really kicked Intel users in the balls by leaving those two features out in the cold.

    It also goes to show that MHz is not a good way to compare processors.

  3. I’m hoping that IBM does something similar with the PowerPC. They’ve spoken of it often enough in the past. Perhaps multi-core PowerPC’s will be used in Xbox 2? That woule be sweet. However, since they’ve already seeded developers with PowerMac G5’s (Running Win NT) as Xbox 2 platforms, I guess they’re stuck with G5 CPUs.

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