MythTV 0.16 released

A new version of MythTV
is now available.
A list of changes
is up on the new site,
which is a Wiki.

The changes are many, but some hilights include:

  • new look
  • video editing
  • Data CDs can now be browsed
  • The iChat-like
    is now part of the core release, not an add-on
  • MythWeather info now integrated into MythWeb.
  • Music files from your MythMusic collection can now be downloaded via MythWeb
  • MythWeather now has animated radar maps
  • The native ALSA output has been vastly improved. Previously the native ALSA output was subject to stuttering and jumping. The most recent improvements fix this issue. You should now be able to use spdif and the like and avoid using the OSS compatibility layer. [Note: this is a big deal for me, as I have had no end of problems with audio, caused in most part by the OSS layer]

As well, it looks like there is finally some
doc on MythGame
which has been sorely lacking to date.
I may go buy a game pad of some kind to try this out..