Getting around the DVD Conspiracies

I was in Europe recently and knowing I could get around the Region-coding, CSS coding, user-restrictions and PAL & NTSC coding as well as some cultural road-blocks, CCTVs, identity checking and.. or sorry, wrong conspiracy, I bought a few DVDs. Some for the kids, some for myself, etc.

Here are my notes:

1. All of the discs I bought will play using all-region players on my PCs.
2. Some of the discs are PAL, but “All region”. These do not play on certain DVD players, and do not play on certain TVs even if the player can play them. My cheapest DVD player can handle it just fine. The other 2 commercial players do not like them.
3. Naturally, region 2 PAL discs must be played on an all region player that can also convert the PAL output to something your TV likes.
4. You could also have a fancy TV that can handle multiple formats.
5. If you buy a new DVD player, make sure it can handle at least 6 of the major media-outlet conspiracies (DVD+-R/RW, PAL/NTSC decode & down-conversion, Region RPC-1 & RPC-2, CD copy protection, and of course DVI copy protection).

The moral of the story is, do like me, assume only a region-free player on your PC can handle it. It is possible, with some effort, to watch the movies as intended on a big screen TV, but if you know me, drop me a line to test your set -up with some of my discs prior to shopping the Champs E’lysee.

It looks like from here on out, its only worthwhile hooking up a PC to a TV — all commercial DVD players are too conspiracy-wired to be bothered with. Alas, I don’t have a DTS-EX capable sound card yet.

And remember to conform, wear your cultural blinders and be sure to report all persons with cameras to Local Party Headquarters, and remember there are terrorists everywhere, probably with their families on vacation somewhere. Don’t get conned into spending $30 on a DVD by someone claiming you’ll learn something, your money is better spent on $6 bottles of pop at Euro Disney provided at great effort and expense for your convenience under highly competive free-market conditions, of course, just like DVDs.

2 thoughts on “Getting around the DVD Conspiracies”

  1. Yes, I meant to say that. It was a discovery I made. All region discs that are PAL do not play on some DVD players (I have one like that).

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