Upgrading my G5

Woo, just tripled my RAM and doubled my hard drive space.
When I bought the G5, I got the minimum RAM because Apple charges way more than retail.
It’s taken me this long to finally get around to getting more RAM.

I had 512 MB before, and now I have 1.5 Gig.
Sometimes, when running many apps, I was thrashing quite a bit.

top: new RAM; bottom: old RAM

The new RAM is faster than the old, being PC-4200 (old was PC-3200), but the Mac only recognizes it as PC3200:

Ah well.
If I get a newer machine, hopefully I will be able to move the RAM to it (and use it at a higher speed).

Both the new and old hard drives are marked as 250 Gig, but the OS says that the old Maxtor (AApple-installed) is 233.76 GB, while the new Western Digital is 232.89 GB, almost a Gig of difference!
The plan is to use the two drives with Apple’s built-in software RAID-0 to speed things up.
This, of course, requires me to back everything up and reformat.
Well, it’s a good exercise, since it forces me to back up everything.
I’m burning many DVDs to store things on.
I’ve run out of place4s to put the burned DVDs, so I should go and get a pack of sleeves or something soon.

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2 thoughts on “Upgrading my G5”

  1. Originally, I was all hyper about the RAM, so as to ensure that what I bought would be compatible. But then Apple came out with a technote that listed fairly vanilla specs for G5 RAM, so I knew that I would be okay with almost any dual-channel RAM I cared to buy. So, since the prices are awfully close for PC3200 and PC4200, I decided to go with the latter, since RAM always tends to be downwards-compatible.

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