Using MT's bookmarklet feature..

I have a link on my favorites toolbar now that takes whatever site I'm looking at and creates a new Tech Tok posting with the info in it (page name, URL). Here's what the MT doc says about them:

Setting up a bookmarklet to post to Movable Type allows you to perform one-click posting and publishing without ever entering through the main Movable Type interface.
Movable Type's bookmarklet structure allows you to customize the layout and fields on your bookmarklet page. For example, you may wish to add the ability to add excerpts through the bookmarklet window. By default, a bookmarklet window will always have: a pulldown menu for the weblog to post to; a pulldown menu to select the Post Status (Draft or Publish) of the new entry; a text entry box for the Title of the entry; and a text entry box for the entry body.
I'll be using it to post here more frequently I think.

Is Apple going POWER5?

Over on MacRumors there is speculation that Apple will be using a new PPC 975 CPU in its upcoming lineup rev in late March. The PPC 975 is said to be based on IBM's POWER5 architecture and, furthermore, to include hyperthreading. They may not call it “hyperthreading”; that word is too closely associated with Intel technology.
Imagine, if you will, a dual-CPU 975 machine running at 3GHz. To the OS, it will look like an 3GHz, 4-CPU machine. Optimally, that would make it about (3×4=12 / 2×2=4 == 12/4) 3 times faster than a dual 2GHz G5. The speculation mentioned above mentions a dual-core variant, the PPC 976, which would double the number of CPUs again, making the same dual machine look like it has 8 3GHz CPUs (6x faster than a dual 2GHz G5). And that does not include the speed factor difference of going from POWER4 to POWER5 architectures. POWER5 includes an on-die memory controller, much like the AMD CPUs, which cuts memory latency in half. On the other hand, if experience with Intel is any indication, most apps won't take advantage of hyperthreading.
Some of this speculation is backed up by an upcoming IBM POWER event, as noted by internet news (via MacRumors). IBM is announcing “a slew of news announcement surrounding POWER architecture”, according to an IBM spokesperson quoted in that article. How does this tie in with the rumoured upcoming rev to the Apple lineup sometime around March 23rd? Wouldn't we like to know!