Bill Gates calls IP law opponents communists

also claims he can’t find a pizza place:
Gates Interview
“Oh, sure, everybody is working on those things, but just take the idea of finding your local pizza place and doing that right; search doesn’t do that well today.”
try this:
[Shamelessly stolen from /. where they did the obvious Redmond Washington Pizza search] BoingBoing also picked up the story.

Too much quail, caviar and champagne to worry about Pizza and people who don’t like paying $20,000 to watch the 1000 greatest movies of our time, I guess.

p.s. Quail, caviar & champagne makes me hurl.

AllOfMP3.. won't be around long is a new music site. But I'm guessing that this isn't an RIAA-sanctioned site. Read this explanation of their “Wanted!” program:

You find an album from Wanted list (on CD), digitize it, and send it to us. The received album (if its quality complies with Wanted requirements) entitles you to bonus payment from VIP Club. We double the price of Mb's we receive from you (our price is $0.01 per 1 Mb) and deposit this sum to your account. Thus, you receive the opportunity to download twice as more information compared to what you upload. Now that sounds like it's on the up-and-up, doesn't it? The interesting thing is that they offer various encodings in various formats, up to full AIFF CD quality. Not every recording is in every quality/format though. It probably depends on what the person who ripped it used. :-)

gmane: mailing lists on the web

There are a lot of public mailing lists, especially for open-source projects. I recently wanted to find out what the status was of support for my Serial ATA chipset in my “Media Box”, and the place I found the answer was Gmane (in <a href=″>this posting actually).
Gmane lets you read mailing lists without having to subscribe to them. It also has an NNTP interface so you can read mailing lists using a news-reading program. If you post a follow-up to the news group, it is gatewayed into the mailing list.