Saft — Daft Name for a Cool Tool

Saft is a very cool utility for Mac users. It gives Safari a bunch of capabilities previously only seen in Camino, plus some that eve Camino doesn't have.
The Camino feature it adds is that of using keywords in the location area to search websites for specific strings. For instance, you can type “vt icq” to seach Version Tracker for ICQ utilities. Way cool.
The bonus feature is full-screen browsing. Woah! Way nice! Just hit shift-cmmand-F and you're completely surfing. No menu bar, no window widgets — just pure browser, baby.
It's nice the way it installs, because it's easy to uninstall if you have any problems with it. It all ends up in a folder under “/Library/Application Support”, so you can just toss the folder and you're back to living without it..
Check it out!

Hydra 1.1.1

A new version of Hydra is out. Hydra is a way-cool multi-user text editor. Caroline and I used it to work on a source file together, and it was a blast! You can see other users moving around, selecting text and typing in changes.
Apparently this new version is making use of the new web library that gets installed as part of Safari 1.0, so you have to have that installed to use it. This means Hydra now has a really good HTML preview. Wooo!
Go download Hydra now!