A luddite blog, a geeky movie

I read the book “Man without a country” by Vonnegut today, in about an hour. It appears to be a $32 leftist blog entry.

I saw the movie
I’d kinda forgotten how obsessed those right-wing academians are with ownership of ideas.
It’s based on a play.
I thought it might be geeky/nerdy, but it could have been written in 1863.
Ditto for Vonnegut.

I sort of liked {Proof} despite its flaws, and the presence of a grand total of 10 people in the audience.
It was worth going to, if only to see the trailer for
Memoirs of a Geisha
— note the online trailer is the same, but it *must* be seen on a big screen to be appreciated.

There, I just saved you 50 bucks.

HD-DVD: Good news, bad news

NEC HD-DVD player
The good news is that
Intel and Microsoft have joined
the HD DVD promotion group,
and Toshiba has already developed
dual-layer HD DVD-R discs,
allowing for 30 GB of space, which is equivalent to a single-layer Blu-Ray BD-ROM (dual-layer BD has just under 60 GB).

The bad news is that Toshiba (one of the main HD DVD players)
has delayed shipment
of HD DVD players to the US to 2006.
It sounds like there won’t be enough movies available any sooner than February or March 2006.

The Tech Zone
has a lengthy article on
the differences between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.