Media Prices, Jan 2010

Media Prices for 2010
Media ¢/GB /DVD
DVD-R 3.4¢ 1.0 x
DVD+R DL 6.9¢ 2.0 x
1.5 TB HD 7.5¢ 2.2 x
BD-R 8.0¢ 2.4 x
CD 19¢ 5.6 x
BD-R DL 22¢ 6.4 x
BD-RE DL 40¢ 12.0 x

It’s plain to see that HD and Blu-ray are neck-and-neck, with Blu-ray changing price the most dramatically.
It may be that Blu-ray will take the price/GB lead from hard drives by summer.

Cost of storage vs DVD: BD=16x, CD=6½x, HD & DVD-DL=5x

Just a quick followup note from a thread I did on Twitter yesterday on the prices of a Gigabyte of storage on various media.

DVD’s are still the king at just over 3¢ per gig:

Kind ¢/Gig xDVD
Blu-ray DL 25.0¢ 7.8x
CD 20.5¢ 6½x
DVD DL 11.0¢ 3½x
Blu-ray 10.4¢ 3¼x
Hard disk 8.9¢ 2.8x
DVD±R 3.2¢ 1x

I find the dual-layer DVD vs hard drive equivalence fascinating, especially after talking with Iain yesterday about
the eSATA ports on my Mac Pro’s motherboard.

Sources for prices are Canada Computers
and Fortune Computers.

Update: per my comment below, DVD-DL updated from 17¢/GB (5x) to 11¢/GB (3½x).

Update: per another comment, Blu-ray updated from 51¢/GB (16x) to 20¢/GB (6½x).

Update: another comment: Blu-ray updated from 20¢/GB (16x) to 12¢/GB (3¾x).

Update 2009-09-09: another comment: Blu-ray updated from 12¢/GB (16x) to 10.¢/GB (3¼x), added Blu-ray DL. Also updated hard disk from 17¢/GB to 8.9¢/GB as per current prices of 1.5 TB drives.