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Stanford FCU does not charge a fee for incoming transfers. There may be fees assessed by the U.S. Correspondent Bank, which are used to properly transfer funds for international transfers. Provide the sender/payer with the following information: In entering into a deferred prosecution agreement with Deutsche Bank, the Department of Justice took into account several factors, including the fact that Deutsche Bank`s cooperation with the government investigation was often helpful, but also failed on some important aspects. The department also addressed Deutsche Bank`s extensive management restructuring efforts and expanded compliance program. Deutsche Bank has agreed to continue cooperating with the government`s investigation, and the deal does not prevent the Justice Department from prosecuting those guilty of related misconduct. The documents will be filed in a federal court in the District of Connecticut. DB Group Services (UK) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG (Deutsche Bank), has agreed to plead guilty to payout fraud for its role in manipulating the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), a leading benchmark interest rate used in financial products and transactions worldwide. In addition, Deutsche Bank entered into a deferred prosecution agreement to resolve allegations of remittance fraud and antitrust related to its role in manipulating U.S.

dollar LIBOR and participating in a price conspiracy to manipulate yen LIBOR. Together, Deutsche Bank and its subsidiary will pay $775 million in criminal penalties to the Justice Department. According to the agreements, from at least 2003 to early 2011, many of Deutsche Bank`s derivatives dealers, whose remuneration was directly linked to their success in trading LIBOR-related financial products, sought to move these key interest rates in a direction favourable to their trading positions. In particular, derivatives dealers have asked LIBOR bidders to Deutsche Bank and other banks to submit contributions favourable to trading positions and not to interest rates that meet the LIBOR definition. Through these systems, Deutsche Bank defrauded counterparties who were unaware of the manipulation. Deutsche Bank acknowledged that the conduct had affected the RESULTING LIBOR patch on several occasions. DB Group Services (UK) Limited has agreed to plead guilty to a charge of payout fraud and to pay a $150 million fine for participating in a scheme to defraud interest rate derivatives counterparties by stealthily manipulating US dollar LIBOR contributions. In addition, Deutsche Bank today entered into a deferred prosecution agreement and admitted its role in manipulating LIBOR and participating in a price conspiracy in violation of the Sherman Act by manipulating LIBOR yen contributions with other banks. The agreement requires the bank to continue to cooperate with the Department of Justice in its ongoing investigation, pay a fine of $625 million beyond the fine imposed on DB Group Services (UK) Limited and retain a business controller for the three-year term of the agreement. All transfers are sent via online and mobile banking.

A transfer agreement and form may be required before we can process your first request: Please see our fee overview for outbound transfer fees. If you are sending an international transfer, the money must be sent in the currency of the recipient country. If the receiving bank only receives U.S. funds, a U.S. correspondent bank is required. This will ensure that your cable is routed correctly. We will send you a secure access code to your stored phone number. To prevent unauthorized transfers of large transfers, Stanford fcu may also call FCU to verify your identity. Stanford FCU SWIFT/Bank Identification Code (BIC) SFCUUS66 Stanford Federal Credit Union 1860 Embarcadero Road Palo Alto, CA 94303 “Deutsche Bank has admitted to manipulating benchmark interest rates in currencies around the world to favor trading positions,” said the deputy director in charge of McCabe. “This broad investigation represents another step in the FBI`s ongoing efforts to find and arrest those who intentionally participate in complex financial crimes to promote their own results.” * Wise is currently not available to the following members: those who live in Nevada or Hawaii; Members with p.o.

Box or international address; members under the age of 18; and members using a Symantec VIP security code. Other restrictions may apply. With the conference, you can talk to colleagues, guests, and external suppliers in one place for the team`s basic communication and collaboration needs. Follow the instructions to process your request and preview the exchange rate. “For years, Deutsche Bank employees have illegally manipulated interest rates around the world – including LIBOR for US dollars, yen, Swiss franc and pound sterling, as well as EURIBOR – in the hope of fraudulently moving the market to make profits for their traders at the expense of the bank`s counterparties,” said Assistant Attorney General Caldwell. “Deutsche Bank is the sixth major financial institution to admit misconduct in this wide-ranging criminal investigation, and today`s criminal solution represents the greatest sanction in the LIBOR investigation to date. The investigation that led to these cases required and greatly benefited from careful and diverse cooperation between various law enforcement agencies, both in the United States and abroad. The Ministry of Justice recognizes and expresses its deep gratitude for this assistance.

In particular, the TCRC`s Enforcement Division referred this matter to the Ministry and, together with the FCA, played an important role in the investigation. The Securities and Exchange Commission also played an important role in the series of LIBOR investigations. Various law enforcement authorities and agencies in the United States and other countries, including the United Kingdom`s Serious Fraud Office, BaFIN and the European Central Bank, are also involved in various aspects of the broader investigation of LIBOR and other benchmark rates, and the Department is grateful for their cooperation and support. Deutsche Bank was a member of the banking council whose bids were used to calculate LIBOR for a number of currencies, including the US dollar, yen, pound sterling and Libor in Swiss francs, as well as EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate). Secure recording and storage of communications for legal obligations in a location chosen by the customer that is not accessible to Wire or third parties. The lawsuit is part of the efforts of President Barack Obama`s Task Force on Financial Fraud. President Obama created the Interagency Task Force on Financial Fraud to make aggressive, coordinated, and proactive efforts to investigate and prosecute financial crimes. The task force includes representatives from a wide range of federal agencies, regulators, inspectors general, and state and local law enforcement agencies who work together and dedicate various resources to criminal and civil law enforcement. The task force is working to improve efforts within the federal executive and with state and local partners to investigate and prosecute significant financial crimes, ensure fair and effective punishment of those who commit financial crimes, combat discrimination in financial and credit markets, and recover proceeds from victims of financial crimes. For more information about the working group, see: www.stopfraud.gov.

Be sure to check the accuracy of this information, as transfers cannot be cancelled. Deutsche Bank also admitted that its employees were involved in the misconduct through personal investigations, electronic communications including both emails and electronic chats, and phone calls. For example, a libor declarant in US dollars declared this to Deutsche Bank on September 22. March 2005 in an electronic chat as he would manipulate the price for a trader in New York, explaining: “If you need something specific in the Libors, that is, you have an interest in a high or low fix, let me know and there is a good chance that I will be able to move to another level. Call me the day before or send me an email from your Blackberry first. This ongoing investigation is being conducted by special agents, forensic accountants and intelligence analysts from the FBI office in Washington. The indictment against Deutsche Bank is being handled by Deputy Chief Jennifer L. Saulino and Attorney Alison L. Anderson of the Criminal Division`s Fraud Division and Trial Attorney Richard A. Powers of the New York Branch of the Antitrust Division. Deputy Chief Benjamin D. Singer and Deputy Chief Sandra Moser of the Fraud Section of the Criminal Division, Attorney Daniel Tracer of the New York Office of the Antitrust Division, United States Assistant.