Where Can I Watch Marriage Contract Korean Drama

This drama tells the love story of two sisters and two men. The older sister has everything, including a beautiful appearance, and the younger sister just has a warm heart. One of the files. The summer of this book is misleading because it tells the story of a poor girl marrying a rich man. In reality, this series focuses on the misery of the characters with persistent shots on each actor as they cry (not the sexy scream of Hollywood with just tears, they are full-fledged lamentations with chest blows and a voice muffled in your throat cries), throwing tantrums at each other and fighting each other with every gram of poison they can gather. The plot is quite simple and in terms of story, there is not much more than what is in the summer, but each actor, even the small roles that have received nothing, makes his role look more like a real person than a character on the screen. This drama has the best child actor I`ve seen in a Korean series or whatever in the role of Eun-Sung. She was awesome and had to be recorded as a lead role herself. I can`t easily recommend this one as it aims to break your heart and is the first Korean drama I saw with a terribly sad ending.

Especially since they made you take care of these characters. Watch the ice cream at hand with a large pint and a box of tissues! At first glance, the series seems to delve only into the problematic romanticization of marriage contracts in Korean dramas. Although it is a contractual marriage, the series explores a number of emotions. It makes you grateful for the things in everyday life that are underestimated. Plus, it makes viewers realize that no matter how much money you have, in the end, love is the cure. The series speeds up the pace of the second episode itself and gets you hooked. A strange opinion is that the show almost feels like reading a book. The scenes are not exaggerated or shivering. A popular moment with fans is when Ji Hoon`s mother tells his father that no one will be by his side when he dies. A touching Korean drama full of comedy about a girl who finds happiness, friendship and love in the most unexpected way! Ji Ho is a single woman.

She is an assistant in the writing of plays. She is a strong and determined woman. Unfortunately, she has to leave her home and looks for another place to stay. His friends help him find a roommate. This roommate is Se Hee. The plot of this beautiful and sincere story revolves around a single widowed mother who enters into an unusual marriage contract. The reason for this contract is his seven-year-old daughter. She also discovers that she has a brain tumor. To ensure a good future for her only child, she marries her boss for a hundred days. In this article, we will give you a summary of the plot of the drama. We will also tell you where to look at the dramatic marriage contract.

This heartbreaking drama can be seen on many streaming platforms. Fortunately, Fans of Marriage Contract can watch the show with subtitles on Netflix, Viki, and Kocowa. When the show first aired on March 5, 2016, it aired on MBC at 10 p..m KST. The drama released new episodes every Saturday and Sunday until its finale on April 24. I hope you enjoy watching the beautiful drama Marriage Contract. Marriage Contract aired in 2016 and left a deep impression on all viewers. For this reason, fans are always looking for where they can see this beautiful drama. In addition, this drama consists of sixteen episodes and aired on March 5, 2016. Although melodramatic, the drama has been loved by fans of all genres for its warm and understandable nature. Moreover, this drama really adheres to the theme of old-school Korean dramas, which had mostly a bad female lead role and a rich lead role. The series claims to be an emotional drama focused on love and family. The three main characters of the series are Kang Hye so, Han Ji Hoon and the adorable Cha Eun Sung.

When Kang Hye learns that she only has a few days left to live, she can only think of her 7-year-old daughter. This leads him to sign a strictly professional marriage contract with his boss Han Ji Hoon. On the other hand, Han Ji Hoon accepts because of his sick mother. The other most popular name in the series is Hundred-Day Wife. Marriage Contract was directed by Kim Jin Min, who has previously directed popular dramas such as Lawless Lawyer and Extracurricular. In addition, the series also has an excellent author. The author of the series is Jung Yoo Kyung, who wrote the sweet drama Please Marry Me in 2010. In addition, the drama was nominated for Best Drama Series at the 21st Asian Television Awards. You don`t have to waste time browsing endlessly – here`s the whole range of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month.

Gil Oh Sol, an employee of a cleaning company, meets Jang Sun Gyeol, the head of the company. The two are diametrically opposed when it comes to cleanliness. With the help of Oh Sol, Sun Gyeol copes with his mysophobia and finds love. In addition, Han Ji Hoon comes from a chaebol family (essentially a very wealthy family) and decides to help Kang Hye in this way if she gives her liver in return. Kang Hye gladly agrees when Han Ji Hoon promises to take care of his daughter until she reaches adulthood. Although the story seems tragic from the beginning, it gives viewers enough to smile. This show conveys the message that love is the only cure for people. Ji-Hoon (Lee Seo-Jin) has a cynical personality due to his family background. Although he comes from a wealthy family, his mother had an affair with a married man and they had Ji-Hoon. At a young age, he separated from his mother and began living with his father`s family. One day, he learns that his mother has liver disease and that she doesn`t have much time left to live. Their only hope is to get a liver transplant.

Ji-Hoon becomes desperate. At this time, he meets Hye-so (Uee) and his daughter Eun-Sung (Shin Rin-Ah). Hye-so lives alone with her daughter Eun-Sung after her husband`s death. She is constantly persecuted by usurers because of her late husband`s debts. Hye-so starts working at the restaurant run by Ji-Hoon. She learns that she has a brain tumor and that she needs money for her daughter after her death. Hye-so learns from Ji-Hoon that he is looking for a liver donor for his mother. To achieve this legally, Ji-Hoon plans to marry the donor. .