What Is a Ppe Medical Eligibility Form

To become “medically eligible” or “authorized” to participate in Cary High School Athletics, student-athletes must complete, deposit and be verified by the Athletic Coach: *** Printed paper forms will not be collected at all times. All registration is done through DragonFly Max`s online registration portal. If the student-athlete`s physical examination and medical discharge forms expire during the current academic year, the student-athlete must download the new physical examination and medical certificate forms from Dragonflymax.com and upload them after being completed by the medical provider. Once the new forms were updated in Dragonflymax.com email, the team`s head coach and athletic coach (Eric Hall echall@wcpss.net) were notified that new updated forms had been uploaded. We don`t know when a new form was uploaded. The sports coach can review and verify the new forms. Please check with your GP first when your last physical examination was performed. A health check form is NOT considered a current physical form according to NCHSAA and WCPSS guidelines. But during the Wellness Check Up, the medical provider can fill out / sign the appropriate form during the visit The corresponding form can be downloaded when registering on DragonFLy Max. Not sure if your pre-registration form is up to date? The physical portion is up to date for 395 days from the assessment date if signed by an appropriate medical provider (MD, DO, NP or PA). Second, the athletic coach is happy to check the status of the student-athlete form before participating (forms submitted before June 1, 2021).

Please email the head athletic coach, Eric Hall at echall@wcpss.net and a response will be sent as soon as possible. The only DragonflyMax.com forms that need to be downloaded, printed and completed/signed by the medical provider are the 1) Physical Examination Forms and 2) Medical Clearance. These forms can be downloaded from DragonflyMax.com OR from the WCPSS website. A Spanish version can also be downloaded. Once both forms have been completed, they must be scanned/mapped separately and uploaded to DragonflyMax.com. FastMed Urgent Care offers sports physics for $25. Be sure to register with DragonFly Max and download the correct forms to have them picked up and signed. If a student-athlete has been seen by a medical provider due to a medical condition, procedure or injury, the student-athlete must scan the medical documentation (PDF format) and email it to caryhs-athletics@wcpss.net PLEASE DO NOT SEND PHYSICAL DATA TO THIS EMAIL. ADDRESS. For more information about WCPSS Athletic Eligibility, see WCPSS Athletics. It is highly recommended that student-athletes contact the coach of the sport they are interested in for more information on one of the following: Detailed instructions on how to register for DragonFly Max and explanation of how to fill out forms.

INSTRUCTIONS 4) An older version (before 6.1.2021) of the 1-page physical form may be used for both the “PSA form for physical examinations” and the “PSA form for medical eligibility” if the DATE OF THE EXAMINATION was BEFORE 6.1.2021. Download this Form 1 for both parties. – The “effective date” is the date of the physical examination itself. Student-athletes are generally not eligible for one of the following reasons: BEFORE June 1, 2021 ** Security comes first, so if a student-athlete registers with DragonFly Max and submits documents during testing, training or competitions, the student-athlete may have to wait for the registration to be verified and verified. The practice team has priority. There could be a delay of 24 to 48 hours to verify after completing a registration. ** For the above reasons, please email the athletic trainer to discuss. Cary Location – 100 Cornerstone Drive, Cary, NC 27519 – Phone: 919-650-3660 Welcome parents and student-athletes to online sports registration for Cary High School.

The system we will use is called DragonFly Max. Parents and students can log in on a desktop/laptop or in the app (you need to download the app). Forms are only accepted through DragonFly Max`s online registration portal – SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. ONLY THE WCPSS 2021-22 PREPAYMENT FORM (INCLUDING PHYSICAL) WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR THE 2021-22 SCHOOL YEAR.*** * Errors will occur if you have any questions, please discuss them with the athletic trainer as soon as possible * If you need a copy (if submitted before June 1, 2021) of the actual physical conditions for a camp (summer, etc…), please give a few days in advance, to make a copy…