What Is a Class a Contractor License in Virginia

Some exceptions are listed in the status code. Browse this list. If none of the exceptions apply to you, get your licence to avoid being hit by a crime. And make sure you don`t repeatedly violate DPOR regulations in this area, otherwise you may even get stuck with a crime. Most cities in Virginia require contractors to purchase a security deposit, liability insurance, and workers` compensation before they begin work on any type of construction project. However, persons holding a Class C contractor`s licence are exempt from this requirement. The exact amount needed varies greatly from city to city, so it`s important to review local retention rules before starting a construction project. The cost of these obligations varies from project to project, while liability insurance prices are usually set based on the amount of coverage. In fact, it is necessary that each of the bonds be purchased through one or more authorized guarantee companies in your area. First, you`re probably wondering if you technically need a license to do your job. Our 8-hour A/B Business Class course is designed to fully prepare you to take and pass your entrepreneur exam.

We will provide you with the general ledger you want/need in this course. We also provide links to any other reference material you may need. This course includes: Another important note: The DPOR awards Virginia entrepreneur licenses to companies, not individuals. Be prepared to give the ministry all the information about your company when you apply. And if you haven`t started your business yet, you should do so before applying for your entrepreneur license. 7. Are continuing education credits required to maintain a contractor`s license in Virginia? For general contractor specialties in Virginia: No. For some specialties and trade-related specialties: Yes. Finally, we recommend that you contact the DPOR (Department of Professional and Professional Regulation) to confirm whether or not your area of expertise requires further training. The DPOR issues four different types of contractor licences: Class B Contractor Licence. This is the Mid-Range Virginia contract license.

With the Class B VA license, there is an opportunity for larger projects and more revenue than the Class C VA license, but is not up to the potential of the Class A VA license. Projects under $120,000 are eligible for contract. The maximum annual income with this Virginia license class is just under $750,000. The requirements for the Class B contractor license in Virginia are a net worth of at least $15,000. In addition, the qualified person, the person in the company who actually knows the practical work in the field, must have at least 3 (three) years of demonstrable experience. The qualified person can simply be an employee or a member of management. 11. I need a Class A or Class B licence, but I have difficulty proving a net worth of $45,000 or $15,000. What can I do? As of July 1, 2017, licence applicants may deposit a security of $50,000 instead of having to provide financial statements or proof of net worth of $45,000 or $15,000. To do business in Virginia, entrepreneurs must register their organization with the State Corporation Commission (SCC).

For more information on starting a business in Virginia, click here. As the leading online provider of DPOR-approved entrepreneur training, we are experienced in helping students successfully meet the educational requirements to obtain a Virginia Contractor License. Now it`s time to start the process to get your license. This process varies depending on the license class selected. For example, pre-licence training for Class C licence holders is different from pre-licence training for Class A/B licence holders. Your contractor`s license expires every two years, so be sure to stay informed of your renewal. 8. How long does the VA Contractor License take? It must be renewed every two years. 9. How much does it cost to license a Virginia contractor? The Class C licence is for individuals working on individual projects that total less than $9,999 and have no more than $150,000 in contracts per year. You must be pre-approved and pass an exam to add these classifications or specialties to your license: The Virginia Board for Contractors requires the DE or a member of Responsible Management to complete an eight-hour training course for contractors.

The DE can complete the course for a Class A or B license, while Class C requires a member of responsible management. No. We recommend that you obtain the highest/most important license class you are eligible for – for the first time. What for? As long as you keep your license active and do not make any changes to your license, you are usually “involved” in any new rule changes via DPOR. However, if you allow your license to expire or make changes to your contractor`s license, you will be subject to any new policies that have been established. Once you know your Virginia entrepreneur license class and specialty, you`re ready to get your license. Often, continuing education is required for licensing, for example, if you are a licensed plumber, you will need to take a plumbing training course in Virginia. However, in Virginia, there are currently no requirements for CE contractor categories that can be met online. Also, don`t assume that your fees are a one-time thing. You`ll have to pay for certain things throughout the application process, such as .B. for all required exams and your hours of pre-licensing training. 13.

Is the Virginia DPOR, the contract license of the Board of Contractors, all I need to carry out contract projects throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia? Please note that while your business can obtain a contractor`s license in Virginia, it must also meet local licensing requirements set by the localities (towns, towns, towns, and counties) where your business plans to operate. This may include, but is not limited to, a business license, bonding, inspection and approval requirements. This means that you will need to determine the type of license you need, complete a certain number of hours of training before obtaining a license, submit your application and pay the required fee. Overall, it`s a bit of work to get your Virginia contractor license. But don`t worry. We`ve created this guide to teach you everything you need to know about getting your contractor license in Virginia. The Virginia DPOR Board for Contractors` license application consists of several parts, all of which must be completed for the application to be processed. .