Media Prices, Jan 2010

Media Prices for 2010
Media ¢/GB /DVD
DVD-R 3.4¢ 1.0 x
DVD+R DL 6.9¢ 2.0 x
1.5 TB HD 7.5¢ 2.2 x
BD-R 8.0¢ 2.4 x
CD 19¢ 5.6 x
BD-R DL 22¢ 6.4 x
BD-RE DL 40¢ 12.0 x

It’s plain to see that HD and Blu-ray are neck-and-neck, with Blu-ray changing price the most dramatically.
It may be that Blu-ray will take the price/GB lead from hard drives by summer.

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  1. siflur Says:

    Blue-ray is gonna take over (it would be foolish to think otherwise), but I really don't see the big quality difference between the two (and especially at these prices I dont see why people would buy it).

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